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South Carolina Beaches are Experiencing Super Clear and Blue Ocean Waters Here’s Why

South Carolina or the Caribbean?

Visitors at multiple beaches across South Carolina’s Grand Strand coastal strip are thrilled and intrigued by the ocean’s strikingly noticeable blue waves. Over the past few weeks, the water is reportedly exceptionably clearer than usual and overall more visually appealing.

“I’ve never seen the ocean in the states this beautiful,” New Jersey visitor Andrew Gamble told local station WMBF.

AccuWeather meteorologist Bob Larson said people can thank the calm weather for not mixing dirt, sand and sediment into the beach waves. Without severe weather, minerals can sink the bottom allowing for a blue tint, caused by the way ocean water absorbs light, to flourish.

“If you take a glass of water and just put a teaspoon full of dirt in it or sand or something and just let it sit there be still with time all that will sink to the bottom,” Larson told USA TODAY. “Aside from what’s collected at the bottom of the glass, the glass of water looks perfectly clear. Take that take a spoon then stir around and the entire glass could become clouded.”

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In the Caribbean, aside from tropical storms and hurricanes, Larson said the region typically lacks excessive storms or high wave activity allowing for the tranquil and blue waters that attracts tourists.

Larson said a full-fledged hurricane or major tropical storm aren’t the only weather events that could alter Grand Strand’s waves alluring color. A series of large thunderstorms or any other type of low pressure system moving off the coast over several days could also change the aesthetic.

Luckily for beach enthusiasts, the Myrtle Beach area has seen a below average number of thunderstorms and rain events dating back to May, Larson said. He added that it takes an extended period of mild weather for the water to reach that appearance and that it will take more than a singular thunderstorm to change it.

While below average rainfall isn’t the only explanation, Larson said residents can expect clear water until the forecast changes.

“As long as they stay clear with something along those lines, stay free of major storms, this is something that can continue a while longer,” Larson said.

Source : Usatoday