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Largest SC Animal Adoption Drive Begins Friday

South Carolina’s largest animal adoption drive begins Friday and will go through July 23 and lots of furry friends are hoping to find a forever home.

Penny found her forever home today. Adopted by a couple in Greenville who are hoping their friends will adopt a playmate for Penny.

“I have been trying to convince some friends of mine to get a dog as well,” Logan Howe said. “Maybe some puppy play dates are coming soon.”

The fifth annual Pick Me! SC event includes 55 adoption locations across the state, with 14 in the Upstate.

Greenville Humane Society said it’s an exciting time for pet lovers.

“We want to see excitement,” said Rachel Delport, CEO of the Greenville Humane Society. “We want to know they are committed to adopting and it’s for their lifetime. We also want to see updates, how they are doing in their new home, on their new adventure. We want to still be a part of that process even if they are not in our care. It is an exciting time for us and we want it to be an exciting time for them.”

Participating shelters, rescues, and PetCo Stores are offering free or low-fee adoptions during the event with the goal of finding homes for more than 2,000 dogs and cats.

During last year’s event, more than 1,700 animals were adopted, including 247 from Greenville County Animal Care and 164 from Anderson County PAWS.

Pick Me! SC is a part of the No Kill South Carolina 2024 project, the goal of which is to save shelter animals’ lives across the state.

“A lot of our shelters in the Southeast and in the Upstate are being inundated and unfortunately what that means is there are more animals that are being euthanized,” Delport said. “Every single day it is a trying time for our team and our staff. We are doing everything we can to find homes for a forever animal. That takes the community coming and being a part of finding an animal to adopt into their forever home.”

Source : WSPA News