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New River Claims No. 5 for Top Winter Fishing Destinations for 2024

The New River is considered one of the oldest rivers in the world. Now, the New River Valley has claimed the fifth spot in the top 10 “Best Winter Fishing Destinations” for 2024.

According to FishingBooker, an online platform used to find and book fishing trips in the United States, the New River in Virginia, held spot No. 5. The platform said the river ranked so well because of its historical significance, it being home to several freshwater game fish, and its angling potential.

George Noleff of WFXR’s Outdoors Bound has his own take on the New River: “The New is a fantastic fishery; unparalleled for variety and size. The upper part of the stream holds good numbers of walleye, smallmouth bass, redeye bass, various catfish, and muskellunge. My favorite stretch on the upper New is from Foster Falls to Allisonia. The stretch below Claytor Dam is also good from smallies and walleye. Further downstream, where the New runs through Giles County, you’ll find some of the best smallmouth fishing anywhere.

As for winter fishing, walleye start to stack up below the various dams and falls along the river in January, and the fishing for that species stays solid through March.”

George Noleff

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources says the New River is the oldest on the North American continent and second only to the Nile River in Africa as the oldest river in the world. The water starts as two streams in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in North Carolina, and merges into the New River four miles from the Virginia line.

Here are the other top fishing destinations that made the list:

  1. South Padre Island, TX
  2. Biloxi, MS
  3. Sports Coast, FL
  4. Daytona Beach, FL
  5. New River, VA
  6. Kentucky Lake, KY/TN
  7. Hillsdale Lake, KS
  8. South Platte River, CO
  9. Lake Mead, NV/AZ
  10. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The river also flows north instead of south like other major rivers along the eastern seaboard. That is because of its age. The New was formed before the Appalachian Mountains started to rise and cut its way through the mountain range as the Appalachians formed.

Source: Wric