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Bo Hines, Who Lost a Close 2022 Election in North Carolina, Announces Another Congress Run

A North Carolina congressional candidate who narrowly lost in the state’s only U.S. House swing district in 2022 is running in 2024 for a seat in another part of the state.

Republican Bo Hines on Thursday filed candidacy papers with federal elections officials and released a video for his bid in the 6th Congressional District. The district covers all or part of a half-dozen Piedmont-area counties, including portions of Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Concord.

The 6th District is currently represented by Democratic Rep. Kathy Manning, but a redistricting map enacted last month by the GOP-controlled General Assembly retooled its lines so that the district now leans Republican, according to past election results.

Hines, 28, ran in the current Raleigh-area 13th District in 2022, but lost in the general election to Democrat Wiley Nickel by 3 percentage points.

Hines, a business owner who grew up in Charlotte, played college football and went to Wake Forest University law school, said in a news release that he’s running because “I cannot sit on the sidelines and watch the nation I love decline any further.”

“I will fight D.C.’s reckless spending, work to restore America’s standing in the world, and strive valiantly to put America first every day,” Hines said.

Manning announced her intention to seek reelection before the new map was drawn last month. Announced Republicans in the 6th District field include former U.S. Rep. Mark Walker, who represented the Greensboro area for six years through 2020 and Christian Castelli, a retired Army officer and Green Beret. Walker and Castelli criticized Hines on Thursday. Primary elections are March 5.

Hines had endorsements from President Donald Trump and the powerful Club for Growth PAC during the 2022 GOP primary in the 13th District, and said at the time he backed severe restrictions on abortion.

The most recent quarterly finance filing from Hines’ campaign committee reported over $966,000 in outstanding loans made by Hines to the campaign, nearly all of them related to his 2022 bid, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to entities for campaign-related activities.

Meanwhile, a former trial and state appeals court judge announced this week that he will run for the seat in the south-central 14th Congressional District, which was also reconfigured for 2024 elections.

Republican Eric Levinson has been on election ballots going back two decades, winning races for the Court of Appeals and the Superior Court and losing in a bid to serve on the Supreme Court.

Other Republicans seeking the seat include state House Speaker Tim Moore and Pat Harrigan, who was the GOP nominee for the 14th District in 2022. Democratic Rep. Jeff Jackson, who won the seat in 2022, is running next year for state attorney general.

Source: Yahoo News