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Gas prices climb in Northern West Virginia

Gas prices in Northern West Virginia have climbed on average 12 cents week over week, AAA announced.

According to a press release, Northern West Virginia prices are averaging $3.77 per gallon of regular gasoline the week of Aug. 22, compared to $3.59 per gallon the week of Aug. 14. The state as a whole is averaging $3.70 per gallon.

In Bridgeport, average prices are $3.75 per gallon, in Clarksburg $3.76 and in Morgantown $3.77.

AAA said the price increase has come in spite of lower demand and the price of oil falling several dollars per barrel because of “the potential for hurricane development and forecasts of an expanding heat dome over Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas [that] may cause refineries in these states to curb production.”

Nationally, gas is averaging $3.87 per gallon, which AAA said is 28 cents more than a month ago and four cents more than a year ago.

A AAA spokesperson previously predicted that “gas prices may keep waffling until mid-September or longer” now that hurricane season has begun.

Source : WBOY