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Black athletes have power to alter Florida’s policies

That is the motto of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., of which I am a member. In standing true to those words, the nation’s first Black fraternity became the first major Black organization to withdraw a national convention from the state of Florida.

Hopefully, it will not be the last to act against Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Department of Education by moving conferences and conventions elsewhere.

“In this environment of manufactured division and attacks on the Black community, Alpha Phi Alpha refuses to direct a projected $4.6 million convention economic impact to a place hostile to the communities we serve,” General President Willis L. Lonzer said in statement announcing the organization’s 2025 99th General Convention and 119th Anniversary Celebration are being moved from Orlando.

Florida recently released K-12 African American Social Studies curriculum that requires instructors for grades six through eight to highlight how slaves “developed skills” that could be used for their “personal benefit.”

Alpha Phi Alpha is doing its part to transcend the backward thinking in Florida, and I’m proud of this action.

Source : STLA