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‘It Just Took Over Everything’: Horry County Properties Quickly Flooded after Friday Storms

Friday’s storms brought heavy rain and strong winds to much of the Grand Strand and Pee Dee, bringing with it damage.

While winds were the cause of some of that damage, the rain also caused flooding that left some areas underwater.

Footage and photos sent to WMBF News showed many areas such as Aynor and Galivants Ferry flooded.

Among those flooded was Brad Jackson’s property.

Jackson has lived on his property for more than 15 years and said flooding has never been an issue, until now.

“It just took over everything,” he said on Saturday. “I mean, It took all my stuff. You see that paddle boat right there? That paddle boat was sitting right here. The only thing that stopped it were trees. But I’ve got stuff scattered all through these trees that we’ve got to go find.”

Jackson said it was a sight to see.

“All we saw was everything floating by. Next thing you know, it’s within a couple of inches of going in the pool,” said Jackson.

And Jackson said he believes he knows the reason flooding has recently become an issue.

“Aynor opened up the new drainage system they installed a week or two before that storm hit. All that water from Aynor comes down the canal you see,” said Jackson.

While Jackson said he has tried to fix the problem, he said the town has consistently denied help.

“Nobody wants to do anything about it. Aynor says it’s not their fault. I went up there and talked to the council lady or the lady in the office at the city hall. She was very rude,” said Jackson. “Told me it was none of their business, they had nothing to do with it and there was nothing they could do. So they made me leave.”

Jackson said while the new drainage system might be helping some, it is actually hurting those that live where the drainage system ends.

“That ain’t doing nothing for us. As you can see. It’s hurting the little guy. The person that has been here,” said Jackson.

We made several calls to members of Aynor Town Council to get their reaction. As of Sunday, those calls have not been returned.

WMBF News received other reports of damage and flooding across inland Horry County from Friday’s storms.

Horry County Fire Rescue crews also responded to a vehicle trapped in floodwaters earlier in the evening in Galivants Ferry.

Source : Wmbf News