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Nikki Haley Welcomed Chinese Companies to South Carolina as Governor, in Contrast to Current Hawkishness

Haley praised China-linked company investments in US when she was South Carolina governor. Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley continues to warn Americans about China and the certain business ventures it has with the United States, but during her time as the governor of South Carolina, she welcomed China-based companies to the state with open arms.

In recent weeks, Haley has lashed out at American universities for taking funds from China, and she even suggested that she would push American businesses to leave China if she’s elected president in 2024.

“When it comes to our universities, we’re going to say you either take Chinese money or American money, but the days of taking both are over,” Haley said during the Moms for Liberty summit last month. “We’ll get that Chinese infiltration out of our universities.”

Haley also took aim at China for buying American land last month, saying, “The line between Chinese investors and the Chinese Communist Party is exceptionally thin. The national security risk is too great. We must prevent China from buying more land and force it to sell what it already owns.”

And in a June 26 opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal, Haley said that as president she “will push American businesses to leave China as completely as possible.”

But during her tenure as governor – when South Carolina reportedly operated overseas trade offices in China, Japan and Europe – Haley was not as cautious when it came to Chinese investments made in her state.

During her time as governor of the Palmetto State from 2011 to 2017, Haley was welcoming of several investments made by Chinese companies in South Carolina to either expand operations or create new ones.

In 2016, Haley praised a $300 million investment in Richland County, South Carolina, by the Chinese fiberglass manufacturer China Jushi Co. Ltd., which cited “great support” from the state government for doing so.

“The USA project is a big move for the strategic development of China Jushi. With the dynamic development of the American composite global market, plus the great support from South Carolina state government and Richland County, we believe that this USA project will achieve great success,” China Jushi CEO Zhang Yuqiang said in a statement at the time, according to China Daily USA.

Haley characterized the Chinese company’s investment in South Carolina as a “huge win for our state.”

“South Carolina’s workforce has proven to the world that we can build planes, cars, tires and carbon fiber, and now because of China Jushi’s investment in Richland County, we are going to be making fiberglass products for one of the biggest companies in the market,” she said at the time, according to the outlet. “This investment, which means 400 new jobs for South Carolinians, is a huge win for our state.”

Earlier, in 2015, Haley welcomed a $72 million investment in an existing facility by Haier, a Chinese appliance manufacturer.

The expansion by Haier – which is headquartered in Qingdao, China – resulted in a groundbreaking ceremony at the facility located near downtown Camden in Kershaw County. The company had come to South Carolina in 1999, making Camden the site of its first overseas plant with a promised $30 million initial investment, according to The State.

Sharing a photo from the groundbreaking ceremony in 2015, Haley wrote in a Facebook post, “We were excited to participate in the groundbreaking for Haier’s expansion in Camden! Their $72 million investment will create 410 new jobs.”

The same year, Haley took part in an event that urged Asian manufacturers – including 30 representatives from 23 Chinese and Taiwanese suppliers – to bring their business to South Carolina. The event was held at Kent International’s facility in Manning, South Carolina, the premises for the bicycle manufacturer that had recently reshored operations from China.

“South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley warmly greeted a gathering of Chinese manufacturers on Tuesday promising them her support to do whatever it takes to interest them in setting up a factory in South Carolina,” Bicycle Retailer reported at the time. “It was probably the first time a leading group of Chinese bicycle suppliers was greeted by a state governor.”

“If you plan to set up a company here we can get a workforce for you and make sure they are trained for the tasks you need,” Haley said. “And I and my staff will work hard to overcome any issues that may arise.”

“Arnold Kamler, Kent’s CEO, told the gathering it was Haley’s quick support of Kent’s plans to build a bike factory that led them to locate in South Carolina after visiting other state locations,” the outlet noted in its report on the matter. “And Kamler spelled out examples of how the governor and her staff have helped the company, like running a natural gas pipeline five miles to the factory location and training employees at local technical colleges in the skills they would need at BCA.”

Sharing a photo from the event on Facebook, Haley wrote, “We joined the Kent International team in Manning where they moved the production of bicycles from China to SC! These bikes are under the name BCA. The newest BCA bike is called Margaritaville, equipped with Jimmy Buffett parrot and bottle opener attached, available in March at Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us! Made with Pride in Manning, SC!”

In 2014, the Chinese manufacturing company TDC Cutting Tools announced it would be investing in a new facility in South Carolina, citing the “proximity to Clemson University and Tri-County Technical College” as the reason for its selection of the site.

“TDC Cutting Tools, Inc. will establish its overseas headquarters in Oconee County at the same site as its subsidiary, Greenfield Industries, resulting in an additional 38 new positions in Seneca,” the South Carolina Department of Commerce noted at the time. “The company, which is based in China, will invest $8.2 million in the construction of the new TDC Overseas campus, including a 32,000-square-foot office building and a 10,000-square-foot recycling center added to the existing 168,000-square-foot facility.”

“Through this expansion, TDC has positioned itself for strong future growth in its overseas markets. TDC chose Oconee County for its overseas headquarters largely due to the proximity to Clemson University and Tri-County Technical College, the good support provided by both county and state governments, regional infrastructure and potential cost advantages,” TDC Cutting Tools CEO Jeff Chee said of the investment.

Praising the multimillion dollar investment that year, Haley said, “TDC chose to come to South Carolina because of our world-class workforce, strategic location, and a business environment that has proven to provide the support needed for long-term success. We couldn’t be more excited to congratulate TDC and Greenfield Industries on their $8.2 million investment and 38 new jobs they are bringing to Oconee County.”

In 2013, Haley also welcomed a $218 million investment in South Carolina by Keer Group, a Chinese textile company located in Hangzhou, China.

“Chinese textile company Keer Group has selected Lancaster County, S.C. for its first facility outside of China. The company’s $218 million investment is expected to create 501 jobs within five years,” the state Department of Commerce wrote in December 2013.

“During our search, South Carolina quickly rose to the top of our list,” Zhu Shan Qing, chairman of Keer Group, said amid the investment. “We chose to locate our first U.S. facility in South Carolina for a number of reasons, which include the state’s workforce, proximity to cotton producers and access to the port. We look forward to a successful partnership with the state and the local community as we get this facility up and running during the next year.”

In a Facebook post, Haley wrote, “Keer’s commitment to our state is a strong testament to South Carolina’s pro-business environment and capable and ready workforce. We welcome Keer to South Carolina and celebrate their $218 million investment that will create 501 jobs in Lancaster County.”

Haley spokesperson Ken Farnaso said in a statement to Fox News Digital, “China buying farmland near our military bases and stealing American technology is a clear and present security threat that the Biden administration is ignoring. Chinese investment in glass manufacturing in America is not the same, although dangers in the consumer goods sector are greater today than they were five or ten years ago. Nikki Haley has the clearest vision of the comprehensive nature of the Chinese threat to America.”

Haley supported a number of other China-linked company investments in South Carolina during her tenure as governor. A few of the other investments came from JN Fibers Inc. and Uniscite Inc.

Source : Fox News