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SpaceX Launch Seen Across Parts of South Carolina

Michael Cain

Residents along the coast and even further inland have reported seeing the rocket overhead.

Residents of the South Carolina coast and even parts of the Midlands who happened to look to the sky around 6 p.m. may have seen something a little unusual – and somewhat otherworldly.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Fortunately, there is a very earthly – and cool – explanation.

A SpaceX rocket took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at around 5:56 p.m. and was described by one Sumter resident who called in as both beautiful and a bit scary.

Another viewer actually caught the launch on their dashcam. Shawn Woods caught the bright light and trail of the rocket as he drove along a South Carolina road.

But residents along the coast got perhaps the best show of all. Mark Moore shared a photo from Sunset Beach just over the North Carolina border that shows the rocket and its long trail on a backdrop of a glowing orange ocean sunset.

The rocket was launched as part of a mission for the U.S. Space Force and used the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket which includes two reusable side boosters which are capable of returning to Earth.

Source : WLTX