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27-year-old Chinese Tourist Dies After Disappearing at Popular South Carolina Beach

One Chinese tourist was found dead after disappearing into the surf in a popular South Carolina beach on Sunday. 

The tourist had gone missing after being pulled further into the water, local public safety officials told local news outlet WCIV Charleston.

After failing to return to the surface, rescue services were deployed. First responders attempted to resuscitate him by performing CPR, but despite their efforts, he was pronounced dead. Top ArticlesRead More

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Visiting from abroad, the 27-year-old deceased was not identified at the time reports were released.

 Chinese passport (Illustrative) (credit: CREATIVE COMMONS)Chinese passport (Illustrative) (credit: CREATIVE COMMONS)

Drowning cases in Israel

Two Yeshiva teachers were indicted for negligence in the drowning of a 15-year-old student during an unauthorized trip, the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office announced on Sunday.  

Yeshiva director Nahman Adri in 2021 decided to take students on a trip, but it was rejected by the Education Ministry due to the Passover holiday. Adri allegedly decided to take the students on a trip nonetheless. Nahman Goldblum organized the trip, seeking parental permission but reportedly did not verify the swimming capabilities of the students. 

One of the students, the deceased, was not supposed to come on the trip but joined anyway. During the trip, they came to a deep pool of water, and it was announced that those who knew how to swim could enter. There was no lifeguard or supervision, and at a certain point, the teenager began to struggle. Nearby travelers attempted to save the boy but failed. 

Adri was allegedly reluctant to call emergency services since it was an unauthorized trip, so the guide called search and rescue forces. Emergency services failed to resuscitate the teenager.

Source: The Jerusalem Post