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Air Force Veteran to Drive Donations to Tornado-Stricken Mississippi

DENVER (KDVR) — The devastation left behind by tornadoes in the south has inspired a local veteran to help.

“Big Tony” said he’ll be accepting donations Sunday and driving them to Mississippi late that night.

“We have a truck that’s going to Mississippi,” Big Tony said.

Mississippi isn’t just another star on the American flag to him, it’s a place where Americans are in need following devastating tornadoes.

“It’s an 18-hour one-way trip,” Big Tony said. “We’re going to Rolling Fork, Mississippi, that got completely wiped out.”

The retired Air Force veteran drafted a new mission for himself: get supplies where they’re needed.

“We’re going to get this filled up, best as we can,” Big Tony said. “We’re not driving an empty truck down to Mississippi.”

Donations accepted on Sunday, April 2

His truck is about a fifth of the way full, but Big Tony said his neighbors around the metro area will help fill it up.

“Donations such as bottled water, food, clothes, non-perishable food items, toiletries,” Big Tony said.

“We’re not taking furniture because they have no place to live,” Big Tony said. “We’d be more than happy, if you’d like to make a gas donation, leave a gas card to get diesel fuel to fill this up to go down and come back, every little bit helps.”

Big Tony’s call of duty is compounded by his faith in his fellow Americans.

“This is basically Americans helping Americans, and with the generosity of the people of Colorado, this is going to happen,” Big Tony said.

Big Tony said he will take donations at the Napa Auto Parts store at 70th Avenue and York Street in Denver.

Source : FOX31