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North-east beer giant BrewDog to open 100 bars across ‘outstanding locations in India’

Aberdeenshire brewer BrewDog are in the midst of planning to open 100 bars across India after already opening “three brilliant BrewDog bars” there with two more on the way.

North-east beer giant BrewDog has announced its latest expansion as the firm continues to grow around the world.

Seeing as though BrewDog has already dipped its toes, or should we say cans, into the global market through a nationwide chain of pubs, it comes as no surprise that the brewery hopes to open 100 more in India.

The Aberdeenshire-founded brewer recently announced how eager it is to dive into Southern Asia as, within five years, India will be its most important international market, according to CEO James Watt.

With over 10 different BrewDog beers brewing over in India at the moment, the brand has already worked with a “fantastic local partner” to open three establishments, with two more on the way in upcoming months.

Founder and CEO of BrewDog James Watt said: “We are building plans to open 100 BrewDog Bars in India.

“Working with a fantastic local partner we have already opened 3 brilliant @brewdog Bars and we have 2 more opening in Q1 of 2023 which will take us to 5 outstanding locations in India.

“We are already brewing over 10 different BrewDog beers in India! Craft beer grew 127% in India in the last year & with 1.4 billion people in India the potential for further growth is huge. We believe that within 5 years India will be our most important international market.”

The Scottish brand has shown it has the knack for magnifying business on a global scale as the expansion follows several other ventures overseas.

The brewer recently opened its ninth location within the US – a rooftop bar on the Las Vegas strip, which stands to be its biggest venue yet, surpassing its London Waterloo chain.

Other locations across the USA include Atlanta, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Apart from its expansion to India and the US, BrewDog hope to open further venues in Dublin, Mulan, Durham and Chester.

Further information on BrewDog and its plans to open more bars across the world can be found here.

Source: Aberdeen Live